About João Salomão

Photography courtesy of the Nick Ruechel

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro to a family of artists, João Salomão moved to New York City in the early 90’s and was immersed in the Lower East Side music, skateboarding and graffiti scenes.

João has created a body of work which is about diving into the essential elements of life and consciousness through a primitive-inspired language of his own; where spirituality and energy meet colors, shapes, movements, and figures in an abstract composition; thus creating a symbolic ritual between the paint, and the canvas. His unique way of communicating with each canvas, like a tarot card, is reflecting the present moment and allowing that process to guide his path.

Salomão has shown his work during Art Basel Miami, Spring Break Art Fair NYC, YIAT Art Fair in Brussels, Museum of Urban Art in Berlin, Alloche and Castle Fitz Johns in NYC, By Night Gallery in Paris, and various galleries in Brazil. 

In addition to his fine art and graffiti, Salomão has collaborated with numerous lifestyle brands, musicians, and interior designers to cultivate a creative design for custom imagery, typography, and illustration. In 2016, Salomão collaborated on a capsule collection with Calvin Klein. He has also been featured in highly regarded publications including VICE, Billy Magazine, Frank 151, and Mass Appeal, recognizing his widespread following and the uprise of his brand and style.